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TENDO (Action) and our motto of TUJITEGEMEE (Self-sufficiency) envision
urban settlements where the people craft their own solutions and take
ownership of their socio-economic development.

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We are  a Non-Governmental Organization (under registration) based in Mukuru Fuata Nyayo slums in Nairobi. We are members of the System Change Network (SCN) and “Making More Health” (MMH), global initiatives that aim to create a healthier world for individuals, animals and their communities.



Exists to support low-income urban communities in Kenya in overcoming socioeconomic challenges through capacity building and sustainable economic empowerment.
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Empowering communities to enable them to fulfil their basic human needs and live healthy and sustainable lives.


Social Impact

Majority of slum dwellers face a myriad of socioeconomic challenges and, are caught in a vicious poverty cycle with low prospects of breaking out. Low incomes imply poor housing, poor sanitation and nutrition. Our overall objective is for these individuals and families to offer products of value to markets beyond their slums; to supermarkets, Churches and various institutions and hence have a foot into the formal economy. We see this as a catalyst for development.

Caring Attitude
We are supporting community members to access skills and other opportunities that will enable them to achieve their full potential.

Building Capacity

We are building the capacities of communities in urban settlements so they can overcome social and economic marginalization.


We will work with relevant partners in a collaborative and respectful manner to address the beneficiaries’ needs and aspirations.

Integrity & Accountability

We will always be fair to all and strive to adopt best practices such as transparency, accountability, fairness, and equality of opportunity.

Value for Money

We will ensure that our projects and the activities we undertake satisfy a value for money agenda.

Financial Sustainability and Value for Money

We will ensure that our business models enable  communities to engage in activities that have long term sustainability. Hence our business decisions are strategic and provide value for money as well as enabling sustainability for all actors in the value chain.

TENDO SDG Making More Health Center

Our Sustainability & Business Model

Tendo works with men, women and the youth, with the majority being women. The training covers production, marketing, sales as well as basic record keeping enabling them to have complete entrepreneurial skills.  Fully qualified and certified individuals become TendoPreneurs, who then undertake both production and sales.


All TendoPreneurs are required to carry out an initial market survey and map out their potential target segments. They are then required to invest a minimal commitment fee and receive a starter kit. They sell the products and come back to buy new stocks at wholesale prices, thus retaining the profit. Special consideration is given to those who cannot raise the initial commitment fee, as they are given the opportunity to pay it from their profits.

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